About this project

The internet node was designed based on the project:

Documentation of material and creation of a digital data base and network gateway for the projection of the cultural backlog of the Agiaso Reading Room "I Anaptyxi".

The goal of this project is to create a complete informatics system model for the management and development of the material deriving from the Agiaso Reading Room "I Anaptyxis" not only for research/ educational purpose but also for projecting the region through the production of digital products and the organization of providing high quality services by using Informatics and Communication Technology. The value of this work is priceless considering the projection and conservation of cultural tradition.

The basic axes upon which the digital documentation procedure and projection lie on are focused on four (4) categories:

  • Recording-Digitalizing-Documentation-Projection of acoustic documents and files (reeling tape deck) from 1961 to 1975 that include various events of the Agiaso Reading room (Theatrical performances, concerts, operettas etc.).
  • Recording-Digitalizing-Documentation-Projection of acoustic documents and video tape files that cover the period of 1975 up until 2000.
  • Recording-Digitalizing-Documentation-Projection of video tapes (Theatrical performances, concerts, operettas, speeches, events etc.).
  • Recording-Digitalizing-Documentation-Projection of selected books and manuscript files from the Reading Room library (from 1700, 1800, manuscripts and scores).